RocketWeb v1.3 Configurable Android WebView App Template

RocketWeb v1.3

RocketWeb v1.3 Features

Make Android WebView portable application from responsive site. Arrange requirment and make your webpage into an application, RocketWeb can do substantially more, explore the many useful options & features we offer below:

  • Kotlin Language: This undertaking is created in Kotlin language with Google most recent rule and material plan.
  • Web Engine: RocketWeb configurable WebView is created with the most recent chromium web motor help. Chromium web motor will give you an ideal web perusing background.
  • Topic Support: To change the subject you can choose from our current topic with inclination style shading or single style shading. You can likewise set the shading code to get a match with your marking.
  • Android Navigation Drawer: You can expel the slide menu or you can set it by your own decision (alternatives, and others detail).
  • Android Custom Toolbar: We are giving a completely adjustable toolbar. Along these lines, you can expel the toolbar to make a full-screen application. Additionally, you can change the toolbar style from our style presets setting.
  • Full-Screen App: If your site has a toolbar to explore your site, at that point mood killer toolbar from the application and appreciate the local toolbar experience.
  • Left and Right Menu: You can expel the left or right toolbar menu or select the choice you need.
  • Nearby Website Host: You can run your neighborhood/disconnected site in webview Android application. Simply spare your disconnected site in the benefits organizer.
  • Custom Loader: We have a magnificent application loader library support. So you can utilize the library when your site is stacking.
  • Sprinkle Screen: We have just made each setting for the sprinkle screen. Simply place your straightforward logo on our advantages organizer.
  • No Internet and Error Screen: When the application doesn’t get any web association, you can show mistake message on application screen “no web association” or any sort of blunder message identified with the issue.
  • Savvy Ads Solution: Earn cash from AdMob and you can likewise cripple it at whatever point you need. Our structured promotions won’t upset your customers to an extreme.
  • Ask Permission: Based on google rule RocketWeb webview application will ask required consent when it’s required.
  • Media Support: RocketWeb underpins video (Youtube, vimeo, HTML5 recordings and so forth), audio(.mp3, .wav and so forth), all picture organization and enlivened picture (.gif).
  • HTML5 Game: RocketWeb application bolsters HTML5 games and you can play the game inside the application.
  • Document Upload/Download: RocketWeb will enable you to transfer and download records.
  • Download Manager: Download any document with our download director.
  • Pop-up message: Push warning with Google cloud informing, don’t stress we additionally bolster One Signal.
  • JavaScript Support: RocketWeb underpins each JavaScript Dialog.
  • JS Alert, Toast, Snack-bar: Send a message from your site with JavaScript alarm, toast, and café.
  • Application Rating and Share: Your client can advance your application with offer and rate the application in play store with no setup.
  • Open External App (Native Application Open): From your site, RocketWeb can open the email application, call a number, open a play store item page or a youtube video and so forth in the local application.
  • Gadget Responsive: Our application configuration will keep up the gadget responsive consequently. The screen will be bolstered from 4″ to 10″ gadgets.
  • RTL support: The application is left to right design upheld.

Sounds good? Test your website:

YouTube Tutorial (RocketWeb – Setup Guide)



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